Average Creeper Serum
ManualDangerous Mutations 3 Manual
SkillMutagenics 195
Components5x Average Creeper DNA
3x Average Mutagenic Purifier
1x Average Injector
5x Pure Alcohol
1x Average Biologic Chemical
ToolMutagenics Tradeskill Kit
Time15m 50s (11m 52s)
Average Creeper Serum
Average Creeper Serum
This mutagenic serum makes use of creeper DNA to boost your Stamina and Gamma regenerative capabilities and Escape Artist for one hour. This takes up a new consumable slot and will stack with other consumable types.
This item can be consumed
Item Level:65
Weight:0.25 kg
Effect:Average Creeper Serum
Charge Time:1.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 55