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  • Blaine from the near LifeNetPod
  • Hale's Boy Camp, Mission Point at 4929223 to 5754301
  • Entrance to Blaine
  • Entrance to the Alpha's Headquarter at the Center of Blaine
  • Tourist Telescope
  • Alpha Station Guards
  • The Alpha Government Thorpe and Sandoval
  • Blaine Overview from the West

Sector: Northfields
County: The Northfields Expanse
Faction: Bankers
Waypoint: /waypoint 4898218 5752739
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 4890103 5764613
LifeNet Fast Travel Terminal: /waypoint 4972790 5755459
Garage: /waypoint 4970313 5762617
Bunker Bar: /waypoint 4905306 5782039


Blaine is a major non-Faction city at the north end of the Northfields, controlled by the Bank of the Grand Canyon. In the middle of Blaine you find the Headquarter of the "Alpha's". The Tourist Telescope is also there. To Enter the Station you have to do some Quests to have a reason to talk to President Sandoval.








Blaine Missions



Notable Information


Satellite Images

Blaine Satellite

Satellite Images of Blaine. Click to zoom

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