Blood on Ice
Manual22nd Century Gladiator 1
SkillWeaponry 105
Components4x Scrap Aluminum
4x Salvaged Steel
2x Treated Wood
4x Scrap Glass
2x Salvaged Fasteners
ToolWeaponry Tradeskill Kit
Time21m 40s (16m 15s)
Blood on Ice Icon
Blood on Ice
Which Hockey League uses these sticks?

Required Slots:BACK 2 HANDED
Item Level:40
Weight:1.2 kg
Category:Melee Weapon
Min Condition:1
Damage:79 Slashing
Delay:1.1 seconds
Max Range:1m
Attack Skill:Melee 105
Defensive Skill:Melee Defense
Requirement: Player Level 25
Modifier:+3 Melee
+6 Melee Defense

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