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There are three fundamental weapon classes in Fallen Earth, each with its own quirks. A rifle is a handy weapon to have in the desert. On an open plain where you can see for miles in any direction, the 100-meter range of the best rifles gives sharpshooters a distinct advantage.

Characters armed with melee weapons or pistol will have to find a way to close the distance by using the terrain to their advantage. On the other hand, the speed and devastating damage of a melee weapon gives brawlers the upper hand in tight quarters, urban environments, and dense forests where the line-of-sight is limited. A character specialized with the rifle in such a situation will need to rely on special attacks or switch to another weapon.

Pistols are a jack-of-all-trades weapon that can be used both in close and ranged combat, but they aren’t as powerful as their specialized counterparts.

A fourth weapon class is accessible when you reach level 40: the Heavy Weapons. This one contains both Rocket Launchers and most of the higher level grenades (bombs and acids).

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  • See Melee for a list of all known weapons for that skill.
  • See Pistol for a list of all known weapons for that
  • See Rifle for a list of all known weapons for that skill.
  • See Heavy Weapons for a list of all known weapons for that skill.


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