Dyes can be found in groups of colors called kits and can be used to add colors to some vehicles, clothing and weapons.
There are three general categories of dye kits: Common, Vibrant and Special.
Dyes can be removed and the original color of the item restored by applying Bleach.


Common DyesEdit

Common dye kits use common ingredents and can be crafted using the Science tradeskill knowedge found in the Dye Formula book. These colors are ho-hum shades, not particularly bright, dark or otherwise remarkable. Each kit in this category contains the same group of colors, but each can dye successively higher level items.

Vibrant DyesEdit

Vibrant dye kits use very rare ingredients and can be crafted using the Science tradeskill knowedge found in the Vibrant Dye Recipes book. These colors are typically eye-catchingly bright or very dark.

Special DyesEdit

These dyes can only be found as a rare drop from enemies or as a reward for opening a lockbox. These kits contain dyes of the indicated type.

Marketplace DyesEdit

These dyes can only be found on at the Fallen Earth Marketplace. They contain combinations of other kits. The kits contain dyes of the stated type.


Make sure the level of the dye kit is equal or higher to the level of the item you want to dye.

In the dye window, drag your dye kit to one of the three spaces shown to the right of your item; labelled Primary Color, Secondary Color and Tertiary Color. Click on the colored button labeled "..." that appears to access a list of available colors in the dye kit. You may cycle through these colors freely to find the one that suits you.

To fully dye an item or vehicle in all three sections, three Paint And Dye Kits will be required. Once you are satisfied with the colors you have chosen, click OK to confirm your choices and use up the dye kits. There will be also be a fee dependent on the level of the item or vehicle you are dyeing.


Only motorized vehicles can be dyed. Sorry, no hot pink horses. Some promotional or marketplace-purchased vehicles will not accept dyes.
To apply a dye to a vehicle, you must activate your selected vehicle at a Garage Manager. Select your activated vehicle in the Garage Manager list and press the Paint Mount button (it looks like a pouring paint can).


Only some types of armor or weapons can have dyes applied to them. An undyed, dyeable item will display 'Custom Color: Default' in the information window.
To apply a dye to armor or a weapon, un-equip it into your inventory, right-click on the item and select 'Dye'.

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