A pre-Fall major international megacorp. Their products included weaponry. Like many major companies they boosted sales by buying up smaller companies and selling cheap knock-offs of popular products.[1]

Timeline Edit

2033 Edit

2034 Edit

  • GlobalTech acquires the Grand Canyon and surrounding national park lands.

2049 Edit

  • GlobalTech moves its headquarters to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, effectively creating its own little mini-state within Arizona, complete with military controlled borders.
  • GlobalTech creates a corporate-feudal state by 2050.

2051 Edit

  • GlobalTech operations in the Grand Canyon make it self-sufficient, needing no outside food, raw materials, or manufactured goods. Instead it becomes a producer of minerals and finished goods.

Sources Edit

References Edit

  1. Question of the Week: June 26 2008 - Crafter Inventory, Types of Guns, Drinks, Gun/Melee Stuns, Group Size. Fallen Retrieved on 2008-09-11.

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