Improved Riding Horse Bridle
ManualImproved Horse Training 1 Manual
SkillNature 30
Components1x Riding Horse Bridle
8x Ragged Leather
13x Sack of Horsefeed
3x Basic Veterinary Kit
ToolAnimal Training Tradeskill Kit
Time30m 0s (22m 30s)
Bridle Icon
Improved Riding Horse Bridle
Use this item to summon an Improved Riding Horse. Once summoned it will remain in world unless parked at a stable. This mount has 40000 Stamina, Fuel Efficiency of 225, 20 storage slots, and is a cargo mount.

Item Level:10
Weight:0.01 kg
Effect:Vehicle Generator Trigger
Using this item generates a vehicle.
Requirement: Nature 30


  • Level : 10
  • Health : 125
  • Strength : 60
  • Stamina : 40,000
  • Fuel efficiency : 225
  • Acceleration : Fast
  • Fuel type : Sack of Horsefeed
  • Max sack size : 20
  • Weight capacity : 70 kg
  • Slope angle limit : 3000
  • Max turn angle : 900
  • Braking : 450

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