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A Semester Enrollment
StartDr. Delia Clinton
EndTess Bramby
Rewards100 Experience
ChainA Semester Enrollment
Welcome to Gross Anatomy
You Vomit, You Fail
Gray's Anatomy
Setting Up Practice
Setting Up Practice (2)
Scorpion Bites
Next Term
Welcome to Residency
Duct Tape and Super Glue
Pharmo FARM
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaClinton FARM


Talk to Tess Bramby


A Semester Enrollment
Talk to Tess Bramby to enroll in the FARM training program.



Still interested in what we do here?
Mission-Yes. Can you tell me more about this place?

My family has been here for generations. Before the Fall this was where they trained people to be rangers, EMTs, and the like. We keep that going. The world would only get worse without the skills we teach here. My family took the name Clinton, and we run the FARM.
Mission-I don't see any crops or animals. Why is it called a farm?

Its name before the Fall was Clinton Fire, Alpine Rescue and Medical, but it's called the FARM for short.
Mission-What can I do to help?

You can enroll in the program. When the Blade Dancers attacked, we lost a lot of smart people who were in training. These days, finding smart people willing to help their fellow man is a rare thing.
Mission-Okay, I'm in.


Yes? You have business in the FARM?

A Semester Enrollment
Delia sent you? If she's vetted you, let me get you started.


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