Abandoned Mailboxes
StartJackson Sims
EndUpon searching the last mailbox and receiving the Abandoned Package
FactionFranklin's Riders
Mission ItemsAbandoned Package
Rewards1000 Experience
+750 Franklin's Riders Faction
ChainAbandoned Mailboxes
Abandoned Mailboxes (2)
Time Limit4h
Requirement(s)Level 25


1. Check first mailbox
2. Check second mailbox
3. Check third mailbox

4. Check last mailbox (receive the Abandoned Package)


Jackson Sims, postmaster of Blaine, wants you to check the four mailboxes at the Abandoned Storefront.


Out west a ways, there's a small, abandoned strip mall. Folks around here just call it Abandoned Storefront. There's a bunch of scavengers out there, including some of those CoGs that are stripping an old electronic store.

I know that we set up some mailboxes out there years ago, but no one's had the guts to check to see if anyone's used them in quite a while. Only now I'm getting pressure from other districts to check on those boxes, since there might just be mail in there. Would you mind checking those mailboxes for me? It'll need to be done today before the high-ups from Repository visit.
MissionVTell me more.


Abandoned Mailboxes
You found one package among all four boxes. At least this wasn't a complete waste of time.