Blood Harvest
EndUpon killing a Blade Dancer Butcher
Rewards500 Experience
42 Chips
ChainBlood Harvest
A Good Yield
Cleaning Up the Chaff
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaBoneclaw Blade Dancer Camp


1. Patrol Boneclaw

2. Kill Target(s) (Blade Dancer Butcher)


Blood Harvest
Brawler wants you to look into why people have been disappearing in Boneclaw.



What the hell are you looking at? A clone like you with those shifty eyes just makes my skin crawl. Let me tell you something: CHOTA have been going missing left and right lately. That damn warchief ain't doing nix about it, so I've got a mind to take care of it myself. And you're as good as guilty in my book.
Mission-What can I do to change your mind?

Hmph, I'll change my mind only after you've proved yourself. Think of it as helping me out a lick for the sake of your own reputation. All of Boneclaw's a large area for one lone man patrol. You take the eastern region, go scout for any signs of trouble. I'll... stay here. Ought to be careful now, these aren't weaklings that up and disappeared.
Mission!Ok, I'm in.


Blood Harvest
This area is suspicious. This building doesn't belong to the CHOTA, and those Blade Dancers look like they're up to something.


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