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Mission: Building Your ATV (Level 5+)

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Building Your ATV (Level 5+)
StartAutomatic upon attaining Level 5
End John Harris
Rewards200 Experience
50 Chips
ChainBuilding Your ATV (Level 5+)
Under Control
Missing Controls
Flight Deck to Control Tower
Controlled Kill
In Control
On the Road Again
Rollin' On
Don't Tread on Me
Burning Rubber
Rubber to the Road
Going Places I've Never Been
Frame and Fortune
Frames for Murder
Frame of Reference
Into Overdrive
Little Engine That Could
Revved Up
Shifting Into High Gear
Know Your Mechanic
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads
Requirement(s)Level 5


Building Your ATV
Mission- Speak with John Harris

It's time to craft your first wasteland all-terrain vehicle. Speak to John Harris in Embry Crossroads to get started today!
200 Experience
50 Chips


Building Your ATV (Level 5+)
You've come to the right place, clone.
200 Experience
50 Chips

This mission will allow you to construct a basic ATV (and it's parts) as well as craft the schematics and manuals for higher level vehicles such as Motorcycles.

This mission is REQUIRED in order to obtain the knowledge need to build ANY vehicle in the game. You cannot buy or craft this must complete this mission chain to obtain it. Once you complete this mission, the schematics for all other vehicle classes and their parts can be crafted.

Be warned, that although you can begin this mission chain at level 5, the final missions are quite difficult and will probably require a group to complete. You can probably solo them around level 15 with advanced equipment.

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