Desperate Plea
StartNiles Schmitt
EndZach Kuriyama
Rewards50 Experience
ChainLogistical Difficulties
Bedevilment on Barricades
Union Report
Union Reply
Desperate Plea
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


Deliver Message (to Zach Kuriyama in a booth just outside Picus Ridge).


Niles Schmitt in Sunshine Corners wants you to talk to the Techs in Picus Ridge about the Union.


Niles Schmitt:

Listen, I know the Union have their hands full with the Devil's Own in Sunshine Corners, but we need help here. I think if we let the factions know what's going on down here, they'd send us reinforcements. Go to whichever faction you want and let them know we need help!


Zach Kuriyama: You have news from Sunshine Corners?

Player: They need your help.

Zach Kuriyama: It would be a shame if this new type of mutant went extinct before we had a chance to observe them. I will send a team to the camp.