Group Mission IconDevil's Whispers
StartAlbus Hollister
EndUpon completing the objectives
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards1000 Experience
+750 Faction
ChainLost in the Ruins
Devil's Whispers
Devil's Whispers (2)
Time Limit30 minutes
AreaHollister Point
Requirement(s)Level 25
You did a good thing helping me out with my medication, clone. Now, I got one more thing I need you to do that's going to be a little more difficult, if you're willing.
Mission-What's that?
MissionXNo thanks.

I had a runner place three listening devices in the Devil's Own base in obscure, out-of-the-way areas, but he was killed before he had a chance to activate them all. These devices link in with one another and relay the data back to us through a central antenna also hidden in the central camps.
Mission-You want me to activate them?
MissionXSounds like a lot of work. I think I'd rather grab dinner.

Yes, but it's not that easy. This requires quick action, since they must still lock on with and acquire signals from one another. After I start up the receiver here, you'll need to activate the three devices in order and then activate the antenna in a VERY limited time frame. Do you think you can do it?
MissionXNo thanks.

Keep to the task. Don't stop to steal from the Devil's Own. This needs to be done quickly. Got it?
MissionXNot really.

Devil's Whispers
Mission-First Listening Device
Mission-Second Listening Device
Mission-Third Listening Device
Mission-Activate the Antenna

Albus Hollister wants you to activate listening devices around the Devil's Own camp above Hollister Point. You must do this before time runs out.
1000 Experience



You've activated the antenna. The system should be operational.