Doctor's Orders
StartEthan Pearl
EndEthan Pearl
Mission ItemsGiant Ant Brain Sample
Rewards500 Experience
381 Chips
ChainReturn With the Elixir
Doctor's Orders
Time LimitUnlimited


1. Acquire 10 Brain Tissue Samples

2. Return for your reward


Collect ten samples of giant ant brain tissue for Dr. Ethan Pearl in Blaine.


Tell you what. You've proven yourself noticeably less incompetent than the other organ sacks in Blaine. Want to do something that will really help out -- or at least make me look good? Great. The tissues of giant arthropods are proving more useful than I would've expected. Go crack open some ant skulls and bring me samples of the overgrown nerve clusterrs they use for brains. I'll even give you decent compensation for it.
MissionVTell me more.


Doctor's Orders
Mmmm...those are some fine-looking brain tissue samples. Looks as if you managed not to screw up too badly.


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