Follow the Trail
StartMelinda Jacobsen
EndUpon killing Linc Johnson
Rewards500 Experience
20 Chips
ChainIs the Grass Greener?
Follow the Trail
Farm Report
Talk to the Ranger
Turning a Blind Eye
Rustle the Rustlers
Best Plans of Mice and Rangers
Back to the Ranger
Message to Our Allies
Riders Away!
Razortongue's Demise
Time LimitUnlimited


Follow the Trail
Mission-Find the Intruder

Follow the trail and confront the intruder.



What? Someone's been messin' around in my barn? You'd better find out what they were up to!
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


What? Someone's been messin' around in my barn? You'd better find out what they were up to!
MissionXSee you around.

What the hell is your problem?
Mission-Why were you in Melinda's Jacobson's barn?
MissionXNothing. Sorry to bother you.

What the hell does that got to do with you?
Mission-She's got some sick animals you weren't trying 'to steal them, were you?
MissionXI guess you have a point. It's none of my concern.

That's none of your damn business, and I don't take kindly to metal-necks pokin' around where they don't belong!
MissionVDefend yourself


Follow the Trail
Linc Jonson sputters a small fountain of blood while reaching for, with great effort, to cover one of his pockets before finally going limp. You search the pocket and find a crudely drawn map that appears to be rudimentary battle plans to attack South Burb.


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