Hard-Target Search
StartJohn Kale
EndJohn Kale
Levelwhite at level 23
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Rewards250 Experience
200 Chips
+1000 Lightbearer Faction
2x Basic Armor Repair Kit
Choose one:
2x Basic Weapon Repair Kit
2x Basic Ballistics Repair Kit
Time LimitUnlimited


1. Find the location
2. Track and kill Targets

3. Return for your reward


John Kale outside Haven wants you to hunt down and kill a Devil's Own Scout. (This is a track and kill mission. The waypoint will update as you pursue your quarry. Once you reach the last waypoint, search nearby for the target.)


John Kale: Welcome to the party, pal. Don't know what you've been hearin', but we're up to our asses and elbows in Devil's Own bandits around these parts. They're bad, all right. But the way I got it reckoned, the people who help those sorry sumbitches are a thousand times worse. So, you want to make the Province a safer place? Help hunt down and kill the varmints who scout and report to the damned Devils when we start moving goods out of town.