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Mission: Maxwell Brimson Chemical Plant

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Maxwell Brimson Chemical Plant
StartCarlos Tetters
EndCarlos Tetters
Rewards500 Experience
2x Burnside Sticky Bomb
Burnside Blasters Knowledge
Time LimitUnlimited


Maxwell Brimson Chemical Plant
Mission-Acquire 2 Scrap Glass
Mission-Acquire 2 Dilute Combustible
Mission-Return for your reward

Carlos Tetters will teach you to make throwable bombs if you bring him weak combustible and scrap glass.



When the Human League and the Devil's Own attacked, they were using glass bottles full of petroleum as weapons against us. They got a lot more dangerous when they captured the Max and turned its stock against us. Fortunately for all of Northfields, the plant is now in ruins, but we need some of their explosives in order to launch our counterattacks. If you'll bring me some of the materials, I'll show you how to make some serious weapons.
MissionVTell me more.


Maxwell Brimson Chemical Plant
Now that you have a few bombs and the knowhow to make more, I hope you'll talk to Mr. Stone and join the fight to reclaim Burnside for us.


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