Message to Our Allies
StartRanger Samuel Dorsey
EndMarijan Wilder
Mission ItemsRanger's Communique
Rewards100 Experience
ChainIs the Grass Greener?
Follow the Trail
Farm Report
Talk to the Ranger
Turning a Blind Eye
Rustle the Rustlers
Best Plans of Mice and Rangers
Back to the Ranger
Message to Our Allies
Riders Away!
Razortongue's Demise
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb


Talk to Marijan Wilder


Deliver the communique to Marijan Wilder, so that she can deliver it to Bearer Astai in North Burb.


Ranger Samuel Dorsey:

These plans are scary. Really scary. We're going to need to call in for some help. I have a communique here that needs to get to North Burb and in the hands of Bearer Astai as soon as possible. If we can get the Lightbearers here to help defend us, we should be able to hold off any major offensive by the Blade Dancers.


I'll get this out as quick as possible.