Razortongue's Demise
StartRanger Samuel Dorsey
EndRanger Samuel Dorsey
TypeAP Mission
Rewards2 AP
500 Experience
30 Chips
1x Razortongue's Razor
ChainIs the Grass Greener?
Follow the Trail
Farm Report
Talk to the Ranger
Turning a Blind Eye
Rustle the Rustlers
Best Plans of Mice and Rangers
Back to the Ranger
Message to Our Allies
Riders Away!
Razortongue's Demise
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb


1. Kill Connor Razortongue

2. Return for your reward


Kill Connor Razortongue in the Blade Dancer's camp to the southwest near Mumford. You should probably finish up your business in South Burb before haeading out.


Ranger Samuel Dorsey: I'm sure we'll get some help from the Lightbearers, but in the meantime we're going to have to look to our own -- or, in this case, to you. We'll brace ourselves for their retaliation, but if you can sneak into their camp and take out their leader, Connor Razortongue, that might throw the Blade Dancers for a loop. They appear to be coordinating their attack in a large camp near Mumford. It's southwest beyond the smaller camp they have here. He should be there, preparing.

You should probably finish up any business you have in South Burb before you go. Mumford's not exactly an epic journey, but you may not be coming back this way soon. I'll send word ahead of you and have a reward waiting with a friend of mine, Raisin Delmatti.

We're counting on you, so don't dally too long. Good luck.


Razortongue is dead. I knew you could do it. Remember that you'll always havea friend among the Vistas.