Regulatory Commission
StartEllen Prat
EndTed Cutter
Mission ItemsKeypad of the Great Machine
Wiring of the Great Machine
Rewards500 Experience
1x Ted Cutter's Mini-Console
ChainFound Trouble
Altered States
Passing the Book
Basic Defense Maneuvers
War of Numbers
A New Direction
A New Direction, part 2
The Prime Tracker
Regulatory Commission
Bunker of the Mathematical God
The Great Machine
The Great Machine (2)
Time LimitUnlimited


Regulatory Commission
Mission-Get the Keypad. (~3864400 3186550)
Mission-Get the Wiring. (~3865050 3189300)
Mission-Take them to Ted Cutter

Ellen Prat wants you to locate the Keypad and the Wiring of the Great Machine in the junkyard scrap piles, and then bring them to Ted Cutter in Midway.
500 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Ted Cutter's Mini-Console



While you've been out, Ted's been studying that book. He says something really bad is going to happen. He needs you to find a keypad and some wiring. You should be able to find them in the piles of junk around here. Try the ones closest to town first, but they could be in any of them. When you've got them, bring them to Ted.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Please hurry. Ted seems really worried about whatever's down there.
MissionXSee you around.


You've been busy, I see.
MissionXNo thanks.

Regulatory Commission
Thanks. I think I figured out what those CoG's are up to. They've got some kind of power station down there! Based on what they've scribbled in this manual, it's so old and rusted it could blow at any second. I'll use the wires and keypad to create a portable console you can install in the power station. That'll override the station's controls and regulate the pressure.
500 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Ted Cutter's Mini-Console


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