Ride Along (2)
Start Greg Casa
EndUpon killing the Blight Wolf.
Rewards500 Experience
1x EMT's First Aid Antiseptic
1x EMT's First Aid Coagulant
1x EMT's Radio
ChainTraining Cadre
Ride Along
Ride Along (2)
Combat Medic
Stop the Flow
Back to the FARM
Back to the FARM (2)
The Brambys
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaClinton FARM


1. Follow the EMT Rangers

2. Defend your position (one wave of a single Blight Wolf)


Ride Along
Go with the EMT rescue party to find the lost cadets.



Sam send you? I hope he knows what he's doing, letting a greenhorn like you tag along. Just stay with my EMTs, and they'll take care of you. Be sure to follow their directions. If they give you orders you follow them, if they give you equipment, use it like they tell you. If you get lost or need help, Sam or I will sort you out.
MissionVTell me more.


Ride Along
Sam will be impressed with how you handled yourself during the fight. Take these medical supplies and this radio. Prep the patient with this antiseptic, stabilize her with the coagulant, and call for evac with the radio. Easy as pie. Tend to her while we search for the rest of the missing cadets, hope there are no more of those things out here. Oh and don't lose that radio, those are hard to come by these days you know? Give it back to Sam when you're reporting.