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Stand and Deliver (2)
StartHarry Abingdon
EndTess Bramby
Mission ItemsCourier's Letter
Rewards100 Experience
ChainCourage in the Field
Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver (2)
Trash Canyon
Trash Canyon (2)
In The Mine
Courage, Deep Down
Courage, Deep Down (2)
Courage in the Breach
Courage in the Breach (2)
Back Into the Mine
Time to Get Paid
Hero of the Overlook
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaClinton FARM


Talk to Tess Bramby


Stand and Deliver
Talk to Tess Bramby in the Clinton FARM National Mine Health & Safety building for more information on the toxic waste in the mine as mentioned in the letter.



Stand and Deliver
Y'know, I think I did hear something about that, years ago. I'm not too sure where those records might have gotten off to, but if I had to guess, I'd say they got thrown out along with the rest of the papers two weeks back.


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