Sweets Gone Awry (2)
StartNoah Wright
EndShannon Gates
Rewards500 Experience
15 Chips
ChainSweets Gone Awry
Sweets Gone Awry (2)
Sweets Gone Awry (3)
Time Limit15m
AreaSouth Burb


1. Find Shannon. (/waypoint 4326950 3142450)

2. Escort Shannon Gates to the waypoint


Sweets Gone Awry
Noah Wright wants you yo check the Blade Dancer camp to the southwest for his assistant Shannon.



Listen, if Addie Fincher is telling the truth. something's up. My assistant Shannon left ages ago with her honey. Something must have happened to her. Think you could maybe track her down? if the Blade Dancers got her they'll probably be holding her in that little scouting camp to the southwest, I mean, if she's alive.


Upon finding and cpeaking with Shannon Gates
Oh, thank goodness. I've been so scared. They were going to hold me for ransom!
Mission-Follow me.


Sweets Gone Awry
Oh, my. Those sons of... I'll just hold my tongue. I'm safe now, thanks to you, so I can make my way back to town from here. I need some rest. Would you mind running the this honey to Addie Fincher for me?


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