Talk to the Ranger
StartMelinda Jacobsen
EndRanger Samuel Dorsey
Mission ItemsCrudely Drawn Map
Rewards100 Experience
15 Chips
ChainIs the Grass Greener?
Follow the Trail
Farm Report
Talk to the Ranger
Turning a Blind Eye
Rustle the Rustlers
Best Plans of Mice and Rangers
Back to the Ranger
Message to Our Allies
Riders Away!
Razortongue's Demise
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb


Talk to Ranger Samuel Dorsey


Deliver the raiders' plan to Ranger Samuel Dorsey.


Melinda Jacobsen:

As for this child's doodle of a map, I'd recommend you find Ranger Dorsey and give it to him, So he can look into what's going on.


This is...unusual. the Blade Dancers are trying to cover their tracks, throw people off their scent. That's not like them.

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