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Trash Canyon
StartTess Bramby
EndUpon finding the Records
3969350 3365900
Rewards500 Experience
ChainCourage in the Field
Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver (2)
Trash Canyon
Trash Canyon (2)
In The Mine
Courage, Deep Down
Courage, Deep Down (2)
Courage in the Breach
Courage in the Breach (2)
Back Into the Mine
Time to Get Paid
Hero of the Overlook
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaClinton FARM


Find Records (stay within range for 15 seconds)


Trash Canyon
Tess Bramby in Clinton FARM wants you to search for a cardboard box full of old records in the canyon below the town.



I bet you could still find those files if you really wanted. I mean, we just tossed them down into the canyon along with everything else. They'd be in a big cardboard box marked with a G, for GlobalTech. But then, all of our boxes are marked that way...
MissionVTell me more.


Trash Canyon
Rifling through the box of old documents, you find one sealed and marked CONFIDENTIAL.


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