Welcome to Residency
Start Dr. Laurie Clinton
End Dr. Laurie Clinton
Rewards500 Experience
10 Chips
3x Ragged Bandage
1x Trauma 1 Instructions
ChainA Semester Enrollment
Welcome to Gross Anatomy
You Vomit, You Fail
Gray's Anatomy
Setting Up Practice
Setting Up Practice (2)
Scorpion Bites
Next Term
Welcome to Residency
Duct Tape and Super Glue
Pharmo FARM
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaClinton FARM

|goals = 1. Acquire the following:

2. Return for your reward
|mission =

Welcome to Residency
Find 5 Ragged Bandages and 5 Tainted Water for Laurie Clinton. These can be taken from Blade Dancers, purchased from merchants, or harvested from plants.


|description =

Ok, before we get started, you'll need some materials. During the last attack, a lot was lost or used up on the wounded. Most of what we need can be found locally. Those Blade Dancers may have even taken some, or you could try the merchants. To practice medicine, you need to know how to scrounge supplies.
MissionVTell me more.

|completion =

Welcome to Residency
Every little bit helps. Unpreparedness is a luxury we can ill afford. }{


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