• Central Place in New Flagstaff
  • New Flagstaff swimming
  • View from the north Entrance
  • Mission Point - Union Science Facility
  • New Flagstaff Clan Manager at 4460441 to 5546250
  • Flagstaff Freedom Newspaper Machine
  • Mission Point - Victory Theater
  • Mission Point - Union Camp
  • Beauville's Tavern
  • Mission Point: Archive Coalition for the Northfield Book Collection
  • Sector Vault and Mail at the north-east edge of NF

Sector: Northfields
County: Union Plains
Waypoint: /waypoint 4480735 5516936
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 4477008 5513505
LifeNet Fast Travel Terminal: /waypoint 4482942 5510308
Garage: /waypoint 4429424 5476841
Bunker Bar: /waypoint 4473757 5513308 and 4512315 5499523


New Flagstaff is the capital city of Northfields (aka Sector 2). The City is officially controlled by the Union. There are several areas of interest surrounding the city. These areas either have NPCs with missions, or NPCs & mobs involved in missions.








New Flagstaff Missions


Other Points of interest

Inside the city are several noted Union strongholds:

The Archive Annex for the Northfields Book Collections can be found at 4513503 5516655




Notable Information


Satellite Images

Newflagstaff Satellite

Satellite Images of New Flagstaff. Click to zoom


Wastelander Achievement

Wastelander Achievements Icon
Wave the Flag
Unlock the secrets of New Flagstaff


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