General Edit

  • Enabled the use of Promo Keys for multiple characters on the same account.
  • Fixed a possible deadlock in the Item Manager
  • Prevented merchants from selling Items for 0 chips due to a player’s high Social skill.
  • Fixed a bug that cleared detrimental effects when a character was re-logged in a non-PVP area.
  • Optimized positional packet updates sent to the client.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by removing an instance.
  • Optimized how the server determines what characters are visible to an individual player.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented characters with an invalid Z position from auto-regenerating.
  • Fixed a bug in which effects applied without an attacker would not be applied in non-PVP areas.
  • Fixed a bug where changes to another character’s movement state were not sent to the client.
  • Disabled /who in PvP areas.
  • Removed a fire particle effect on a house that was causing a random crash.

Crafting Edit

  • Added some optimizations to help prevent recipe loss during server shutdown.
  • Upgraded active recipe loading to utilize facility rather than field construction time for recipes that start or finish when the player is offline and in the appropriate facility.

Combat Edit

  • Fixed an animation stutter that happened when a player aimed a melee weapon and turned a lot.

Mounts Edit

  • Fixed a possible issue with players being unable to enter no-mount areas after dismounting.
  • Fixed a bug that kept a mount from being visible when towed from within an instance.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented vehicles from displaying their disabled animations.

UI Edit

  • Corrected the error message that merchants give when you try to buy an Item for which you have insufficient chips.
  • Fixed the Mission Journal selection to save between sessions.
  • Adjusted the default position of the Conversation window.

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