Graphics Edit

  • Fixed the shadows so they are not pixelated indoors.
  • Fixed unused texture surfaces to be released rather than recycled after a certain amount of time to improve memory usage.
  • Fixed a crash issue with an alpha test shadow vertex/pixel shader conflict.
  • Added an optimization to scrub instancing.

Physics Edit

  • Added an optimization to the physics engine actor page in and out that helps with stutters while moving. This can also help in few random crashes in the Ageia code.
  • Upgraded to the latest Ageia SDK v2.8.1, which utilizes the PhysX hardware acceleration for special effects on nVidia 8 series and above. This includes improvements to ragdolls along with other optimizations.
  • Fixed the prone and crouch stances to update character height.

Resources Edit

  • Fixed a possible crash when trying to load a missing object.

PvP Edit

  • Changed the radar on the mini-map so that it shows other players based on your Perception vs. their Athletics and stance rather than always by default. Teammates will always be displayed.

UI Edit

  • Added a character build template system to the attributes screen with predefined templates and suggested attributes on the progress bars.
  • Added the ability to manually alter the waypoint X and Y location from the Waypoint window.
  • Prevented non-alphanumeric characters from being used in a waypoint name.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by entering the game with the merchant window open.
  • Fixed a possible crash due to invalid recipe data.
  • Fixed trinket items with effects so that they can be dragged to the Hotkey bar.
  • Prevented typing - and = in the email window from activating hotkeys.
  • Fixed an issue where using Alt + key that would type that key into the edit box instead of just activating the action.
  • Fixed the mini-map so that team members always show on the radar.
  • Fixed items on the Hotkey bar to show cooldown periods after being dragged and dropped.
  • Fixed a stack count issue with moving items from vault to sack.
  • Fixed an issue that was making multi-requirement attribute items not show their correct requirement color.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing tradeskills preview max to display incorrectly when a non-related attribute was modified.
  • Fixed a possible issue with deleted missions showing in the mission tracker.
  • Fixed an issue where items in the weapon tab would not display correctly if you altered the back slots after the waist slots.
  • Fixed the recipe window to update the tradeskill tools indicator when a new level of tool is acquired.
  • Fixed a display issue to correctly show changes in skill levels while the Recipes window is open.
  • Updated the Recipes window with extra space for triple-digit components.
  • Fixed the action bar display for storage slot items to hide the count if it is 1.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty quick bar would not save as empty and would repopulate with default menu items on restart.

Chat Edit

  • Fixed the Western European language characters to show correctly in chat.

Predictor Edit

  • Fixed an issue with large movements when you enter the game.
  • Removed some debugging code.

General Edit

  • A reminder for users with nVidia cards: the maximum pre-rendered frames in the nVidia control panel need to be set down to 1. In the nVidia control panel, the setting can be found under 3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings.
  • Added functionality for conversers, merchants and patrollers to head-track players or other NPCs walking nearby and turn to face players who target them.
  • Fixed an issue with speech bubbles remaining after an NPC dies.
  • Fixed the issue where using an action that involved a movement key, including Ctrl+Q for a screenshot, would cause a character to turn briefly.
  • Fixed some new issues where a character wielding a two-handed weapon would enter a T-pose.
  • Fixed the collision on some scaled-up creatures.

Combat Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the scope mode would remain enabled when you switched weapons in aiming mode.
  • Fixed a crash caused by shooting some object NPCs.

Art Edit

  • Modified character creation to only allow height scaling from 95-105%.

Performance Edit

  • Distributed server resources to better accommodate player behavior.
  • Improved performance when creating characters.

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