Physics Edit

  • Updated the ragdoll files to work with the latest Ageia sdk.

Character selection Edit

  • Fixed the flickering when entering the character selection screen.
  • Updated characters to hold two-handed weapon with both hands from the start.

General Edit

  • Fixed a possible crash with processing actors in a busy town.
  • Fixed a possible crash with the character texture creation.
  • Fixed the issue where the player would sometimes see terrain when re-entering the tutorial.
  • Added a message box at startup to display a warning if the pre-rendered frames on Nvidia are set to more than 1.
  • Added a protection against a possible crash with incompatible same-type creatures.
  • Added a sound for entering a PvP area.
  • Fixed a possible crash with sound programs for actors.
  • Fixed the T-pose for all cases involving a two-handed weapon.
  • Switched the death particle to a swarm effect.
  • Fixed a possible crash with NPCs’ head-tracking.
  • Fixed a new issue with movement being interrupted by shortcut keys or the mouse wheel.
  • Changed auto-run to remain toggled when the movement key is released.
  • Fixed an issue with holstering and wielding animations not playing while on a vehicle.

Predictor Edit

  • Fixed characters’ position and orientation after mounting.
  • Updated the prediction calculation during startup.

Combat Edit

  • Fixed the reticle to show the minimum accuracy of the weapons equipped instead of the last weapon used.
  • Fixed an issue with accuracy not updating until the player moves.
  • Fixed an issue with chat spam when the character holsters a weapon while seated.

UI Edit

  • Fixed the progress bar in the Attributes window to sort by the percentage of the bar filled.
  • Fixed tooltip titles to show long item names correctly when dragged into another window.
  • Fixed the action reuse timer to show correctly when you first enter the game.
  • Updated the trade window to send chip amount updates when the amount is typed.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Attributes from displaying the correct values when previewed with modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the preview from clearing after the expenditure of AP.
  • Fixed item links for outgoing private messages.
  • Updated the 'whisper' sound to play only on receipt of a message.
  • Fixed the sound for closing the map to play correctly.
  • Added a third zoom level to the strategic map.
  • Tweaked the secondary Faction display to show smaller increments of progress.
  • Added a message for auto-declining team invites.
  • Prevented the loot message from being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes gives players clan options meant only for the leader.
  • Fixed an issue that was keeping edited waypoints from refreshing correctly when their positions were changed.
  • Fixed an issue that was keeping hidden rewards from showing on the final reward screen.
  • Increased the size of the character build dropdown menu and edited the tooltip for character builds.
  • Updated the tradeskill tooltip with better information.
  • Updated the color of the selected target in the radar for better visibility.

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