General Edit

  • Added support for hardware cursor in fullscreen and windowed mode. This eliminates the mouse lag in fullscreen mode at low frame rate.
  • Added a graphic option for adjusting the texture range. The default is medium, which is the previous ranged used, but it can be set to high or very high for users with video cards with more VRAM.

Physics Edit

  • Re-enabled collision with level entrances if the level hasn't loaded yet to avoid fall through.

UI Edit

  • Removed the connection error message when clan transactions time out.

Chat Edit

  • Enabled chat timestamps to work with combat and event messages.

Combat Edit

  • Stances that auto-holster your weapon will now auto-wield it when exiting the stance, like ladder climbing.

Days of the Dead Edit

  • Decreased the Brain Rot duration to 6 hours and moved the debuff from Intelligence to Charisma.

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