Graphics Engine Edit

  • Fixed an issue with certain objects sometimes showing on top of characters.
  • Fixed an issue with objects flickering in very busy areas when advanced post-fx is turned on in fullscreen mode.

UI Edit

  • Added an initial UI font size support to the mission dialogue and tracker windows. It can be accessed from the UI options and affects chat as well, but the chat font size can still be customized separately.
  • Added a setting to override the window background color. It can be adjusted using the Window_Background color entry in the wnd.ini.
  • Added an ellipsis to names for targets, equipment, teams and stats that don’t fit in the available space.
  • Fixed a few issues with recipe filtering not being applied immediately.
  • Fixed an issue with the Team window where the buttons were inaccessible if the window was minimized during an invite.
  • Allowed for mission items not specifically designated unsellable and untradeable to be auctioned or mailed.
  • Disabled the Destroy menu option for Precious equipped items.
  • Updated the mount Tow and Destroy message windows to include icons and emphasize the Destroy option.
  • Hide queued crafting components from the Sell tab list.
  • Prevented the swapping of items in the pack with unsellable items from causing the latter to appear on the Sell tab.
  • Optimized the population of the Knowledge window.
  • Hid the main menu in Scope mode.
  • Prevented players with a pending team invitation from showing up on the radar as team members.
  • Changed the Attribute window to clear all previewed AP when the window is closed after a prompt.

General Edit

  • Added a temporary chat command (/hardwarecursor 0) to disable the hardware cursor for the session in case of possible compatibility problems with some hardware.
  • Stopped the cursor from disappearing when Aim mode is toggled over an interactive object or NPC.
  • Stopped the cursor from jittering when you mouse-over an interactive object or NPC in Aim mode.
  • Updated the friction on terrain. Players will start sliding a little sooner now on very steep slopes.
  • Disabled the alt+click for quick team invite since players can still targeted and invited through the Team window.

Mounts Edit

  • Updated horses to slide on steep obstacles and steep terrain.
  • Optimized horse mount orientation and fixed an issue where a horse could go into a jittering motion.
  • Increased the vehicle ground clearance for driving over higher curbs.

Predictor Edit

  • Fixed the predicted collisions for mount horses.
  • Updated the predictor animation velocity calculation to avoid unnecessary teleports.

Keymap Edit

  • Added keymap entries for "<>" or "\|" on a 102-key keyboard so they can be saved between sessions.

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