General Edit

  • Added a notification to tell players when their new promo items are in their packs.
  • Made it impossible to invite horses and vehicles to teams.
  • Fixed the problem with clans becoming leaderless if a player was made leader while logging out.
  • Fixed a bug with horses and vehicles disappearing when the player relogs.
  • Prevented players in the tutorial from creating a team or being invited to one.
  • Added a message for server shutdowns to the center of the screen.
  • Changed active effects to obey the "dead" state when dealing with horses and vehicles.
  • Fixed a rare bug in the auction system where a mailed item could not be accessed if there was a recent server deadlock.
  • Fixed the 'My Bids' auction page to show stack counts and charges correctly.
  • Fixed an auction bug where you could only see the first 30 of your auctions or bids.
  • Added support to customize the expiration time on CoD mail.
  • Added the current condition and minimum use of items to vault containers.
  • Added a 60 degree buffer zone for shopkeepers turning to face players.
  • Fixed an issue with regeneration sickness not always being applied.
  • Prevented recipes from recognizing items flagged as Precious as valid components and consuming them.
  • Fixed recipes to correctly apply facility bonuses on pending items when the player logs out.
  • Added a fix to make repair kits pull the lowest available applicable kit instead of the first one out of your sack.
  • Allowed the camera to look up and down with the mouse in first person and emote stances.

Graphics Engine Edit

  • Prevented the terrain in the far plane from flickering when a character is moving.
  • Fixed an issue with the muzzle flash sometimes getting stuck on the screen.

Resources Edit

  • Arranged for several animations to unload when unused for some time, which helps with total memory.

UI Edit

  • Added Body, Mind, and Reflex saves to the gear display.
  • Added new mail support to specify the number of days before a COD item expires.
  • Updated the new mail interface to include a dropdown menu for selecting between sending chips and COD.
  • Updated the mail inbox to show the expiration time for all messages.
  • Fixed a possible crash from exiting after auctioning an item that was on the Action Bar.
  • Fixed a possible crash from exiting with the waypoints window open.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons were not being holstered or wielded correctly when dragged between the hands and the equipment slot.
  • Fixed some issues with the Recipes window not showing the correct component counts.
  • Fixed some issues with the Recipe filters and scrollbar not updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Attribute previewing would be off by one after the player looked at an Attribute and then selected an alternate one.
  • Fixed an Attribute rounding error in Tradeskills.
  • Fixed the Town Event window to show a scrollbar when needed.
  • Fixed the mission window to show 'Ready' missions when entering the game.
  • Adjusted the default position and font size for the screen message.
  • Fixed the mission complete sound to play only if a mission is successfully completed.

Mounts Edit

  • Updated the vehicle suspension system to allow vehicles to stay airborne when driving off small cliffs.
  • Updated the horse sliding to more accurately detect gaps on objects and avoid oscillations.
  • Increased the Strength of the Challenger and Franklin's Riders Horses to 200. All new horses will already use the new stat.

Combat Edit

  • Altered the reticle size so that it is affected while jumping.
  • Fixed the knockdown animation so it doesn't cycle if the player is also stunned.

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