Resources Edit

  • Fixed a crash that could happen on re-entering the game.

Physics Edit

  • Fixed an issue with some collision shapes, like steps, not coming in fast enough, which could leave a player who rushed into an object stuck.

UI Edit

  • Added an item context menu option to transfer between player and mount inventory.
  • Added a new recipe filter for recipes for which the user has adequate skills.
  • Added a warning message for when a player attempts to equip an attunable item.
  • Added short key command names for the hotkey bar.
  • Fixed the UI saving so that the windows don't drift one pixel on each logout.
  • Fixed a rounding error in Tradeskill Attributes.
  • Fixed an issue with scrollbars disappearing when a window is dragged.
  • Changed Recipe filters so that Recipe lists automatically scroll to the top.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing gear unequipping if it did not have a paired slot when dragged to the player’s Pack.
  • Fixed an issue with the Recipe window from having two different-level tools.

Vehicles Edit

  • Improved the physics of vehicles going airborne and landing.
  • Updated the orientation to surface which improves the larger vehicles' suspension.
  • Allowed for an air drag when going airborne based on the vehicle size.
  • Enabled vehicle sliding on vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a vehicle to go slightly sideways on rough terrain.
  • Added pitch adjustment of engine sounds based on the angle.
  • Added a higher-pitched sound for when a vehicle is airborne and stopped the tire sound.
  • Enabled the suspension sound proportional to suspension change. This won't be available until the next content update.

General Edit

  • Integrated Alienware's light effects. The lights will come on when a player levels up or is hit.
  • Changed one-handed weapons to auto-holster like two-handed weapons when a character sits or climbs a ladder.

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