Reinforced Upper Arm Plate
ManualImproved Gloves 1 Research
SkillArmorcraft 60
Components7x Ragged Wool
3x Scrap Steel
1x Scrap Fasteners
ToolArmorcraft Tradeskill Kit
Time15m 0s (11m 15s)
Reinforced Upper Arm Plate Icon
Reinforced Upper Arm Plate
Extremely sturdy. Might also serve as a door-stop.

Required Slots:ARMS
Item Level:22
Weight:1.1 kg
Min Condition:1
Resists:Slashing +32
Piercing +40 Crushing +40
Fire +22 Cold +22
Acid +10 Radiation +10
Ballistic +32 Poison +10
Sonic +10 Electric +10
Psionic +10 Disease +10
Requirement: Player Level 10
Modifier:-1 Coordination

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