Snipershot Slugthrower
ManualImproved Air Rifle Schematics
SkillBallistics 45
Components9x Scrap Fasteners
15x Scrap Gears
12x Scrap Plastic
18x Scrap Steel
15x Weak Geologic Chemical
ToolBallistics Tradeskill Kit
Time15m 0s (11m 15s)
Slugthrower Icon
Snipershot Slugthrower
High-powered Pellet Rifle. Okay, you really *will* shoot your eye out!

Required Slots:BACK 2 HANDED
Item Level:17
Weight:3 kg
Ammo Type:Cheap Ammo
Min Condition:1
Damage:34 Ballistic
Scope Magnifier:2.0X
Delay:0.5 seconds
Reload:2.6 seconds
Max Range:35m
Attack Skill:Rifle 45
Defensive Skill:Dodge
Requirement: Player Level 5

  • Like all other slugthrowers, the snipershot seems to be loosely based off of the Browning Automatic Rifle M1918, otherwise (and better) known as the BAR.

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