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  • Overview
  • Black Broodmother (Boss)

Sector: Plateau
County: High Point
Waypoint: /waypoint 4693993 4129475
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 4659045 4138197
LifeNet Fast Travel Terminal: /waypoint 4691852 4109883
Garage: /waypoint 4693962 4112141
Bunker Bar: /waypoint 4692488 4131274


Once known as Park Hill Electric, this settlement has come to be known as Spider Hill due to it being overrun by Spiders... *BIG* spiders. Despite this threat, many wastelanders still call this place home, and it's one of the last places a clone will come across before making the trek north to the Northfields. On west side of town is huge spider cave. The achievement for this town's missions is also broken








Spider Hill Missions


Satellite Image

Spiderhill Satellite

Satellite Images of Spider Hill. Click to zoom

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